Saturday, January 14, 2023

City in Winter


Despite my current whirlwind of pictures of winter, I have to go with the conventional take that it is not our best season around here. I don't even mind the cold so terribly. It's the footing, the rough and icy paths that get to me the most. I'm also having the strange discovery this winter that the bareness of the trees steals away their wood's delicious sense of pocket wilderness. Everywhere I love around here seems less wild in the winter. Being able to see an apartment building on a bluff through the trees makes all the negative difference!

But there is one thing that is undeniably in its best light in winter, and that is our city skyline. The clear light, the wreaths of fog, and the way that the sunrises seem to set the buildings on fire is a treat to wake up and see. It seems like nearly every morning I am taking new pictures of some never before seen phenomenon on the Saint Minneapolis skyline.

I am aware lately of some of the approaches of my photographs. On the one hand there are the more straight up pictures, brightened and spruced up in the editing, but still basically true to the picture out of the camera, and on the other extreme are fancifully and wildly edited confections taking all manner of liberties with the original image. Today we are featuring pictures more towards the first side of these. And although you will find these pictures alarmingly color saturated and light flooded and all twisted about, these are still the basic images out of my camera, and may be as close as I get these days to unadorned photography.

Which, I'll admit, isn't all that close. But in my defense, taking pictures at dawn of buildings set ablaze by a winter sun, does a lot of wonky things to a photograph from the start.

Here is my lovely city, almost always as it is in the early morning:

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