Monday, January 16, 2023

Just...a...picture, or two?


Crosby Farm Park is beautiful. I love it there. It's got woods, and swamps, and the Mississippi River! I love its thick forests, desultory beaches, and colorful lowlands. And when I go there, even in the winter, I take a ton of pictures.

"Oh no!" I think. "How can I possibly find room on clerkmanifesto to show all the pictures there will be to show!"

Then I come home and devise plans for different ways to group all the pictures I have to show you of Crosby Farm Park.

We can have a post about the trees!

We can have a post about the River!

We can have a post about icicles.

We can have a post about the eagles!

We can have a post about the bare trees on the river in the snow, with eagles flying overhead just to make sure nothing is happening.

And then I realize that none of the pictures are all that good and I have no groups at all.

And I have nothing to show you.


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