Wednesday, May 3, 2017

More of the same

It is possible to name the world but once you begin there is no ending.

-Shakespeare, or me, or someone who's really good at quotes

As you know I traditionally endeavor to hide the wisdom of clerkmanifesto under a torrent of folly. And the folly is about how clerkmanifesto is a torrent of wisdom. This is called a double blind. It's very advanced. I'm doing it even as we speak. That's how advanced this blog you read is!

Sometimes though, one can play the fool to present wisdom that is secretly foolish. This is a triple blind, and I occasionally employ it just to keep limber and for the challenge of it.

And, in case you ask, there is a quadruple blind as well. But so far every time I've given that an attempt I end up walking into something and whacking my shin.


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