Saturday, December 9, 2017

Two mysterious things

Among the roughly two-thirds of my co-workers that I consider to be of sound mind I try to take as open a view as possible. Why they would go to Jimmy Johns for lunch, or read Kazuo Ishiguro novels, or live in the suburbs, may not be readily apparent to me, or even remotely intelligible, but I am happy to think the best of them that I can. I do so want to like them. I do not press them for explanations. I try to engage in some sort of vague trust, carefully co-mingled with ignorance, and leave it be.

Nevertheless there are two recurring issues that I can never understand or come to terms with. Such things are beyond me to comprehend and beyond them to ever properly explain to me. But these I cannot let slide. I find myself unable not to poke at, and hopelessly persist in either obtaining some unachievable understanding or some change in their perplexing behavior.

The things I can neither understand nor let go are:

1. When the county offers a match of deferred compensation up to $35 a month, how can any of my co-workers throw away all that free money and decline to set aside any deferred comp money?

2. Why on earth won't any of them watch Oceans Eleven, the good one, with George Clooney and Brad Pitt?

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