Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Cut my hair

A co-worker came into the back room of the library while I was working on the check in machine.

"Your hair's getting really long." He said.

We all know that different people are allowed to say different things, depending upon how we feel about them. He was marginally allowed to say this but he wasn't really winning any further allowance points.

"Should I cut it?" I asked. I'd been thinking about cutting it for a few months and hadn't gotten around to it.


So I took the scissors, grabbed all the hair on the right side, and cut it. Then I took all the hair on the left side, bunched it up, and cut it. I threw the hunks of hair in the garbage. It was looking a little silver in places.

"Better?" I asked.

He laughed. "Better." He said.

A little later someone else asked, peering at my hair "Is your hair in a ponytail?" 

This may have been due to my not really cutting the back of my hair during my earlier eight second haircut. But really, what business was it of theirs?

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