Sunday, October 7, 2018

How the coffee got all over the counter

I make two or three espressos every day. So I'm pretty good at it. But one still has to pay attention. And one still has to strive to streamline, refine, and improve.

This afternoon I was making my two o'clock latte. I carefully packed in the coffee (Equal Exchange Bird of Paradise, espresso grind). I put the portafilter on the machine. Then I noticed my little workhorse espresso machine was running low on water. A lightbulb went off in my head.

When I make a larger espresso, like I was about to, it can take awhile. Oh, surely less than a minute, but still, I'm a man on the move. What if I poured the water into the machine while actually running the espresso machine. I could doubletask instead of just waiting around for the espresso to finish!

I started the machine, took my cup, filled it with water, flipped open the water reservoir lid, and filled the cup with cold water. Then I poured some water into the reservoir, sloppily. I resolved to do better next cup fill. I filled the cup with water a second time, and then the other shoe dropped:

My espresso was pouring out into nothing.

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