Saturday, June 8, 2019


Look, I take library shelving pretty seriously. Usually I manage my time and shelve carefully and effectively. But sometimes I pop upstairs to the shelving right at the top of the hour, or my cart of shelving is super easy, or there are no mistakes for me to fix, and so sometimes I finish shelving a full cart of books with tons of time left in my hour of shelving.

Let me ask you: What am I supposed to do about that!

What am I supposed to do then

And what kind of absurd, stupid, short-sighted rule is it where we're only allowed to shelve one cart per hour? No wonder our shelving gets backed up so often! What is the point of a bunch of able bodied library workers lolling about downstairs chatting to while away their hour? Sure, let them loaf a bit, have a third coffee, whatever, but don't prohibit them from working! Don't limit the amount of shelving they're allowed to do in an hour! It's such bad management that it's crazy!

Wait, what's that?

You mean we don't have any rule against shelving more than one cart in an hour here?

You're sure?


I guess I'd better let everyone know. Maybe right after I do some... stuff.

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