Saturday, June 6, 2020

They're not even jokes

At work today someone was looking at and commenting on all the stores that have been hurt in the riots. "The Dollar General Store was vandalized, looted, and badly fire damaged." They said.

"Oh." I replied. 

Then I asked "How can they tell?"

Several boxes of free materials had come into the library, but since the library is closed they're just sitting in the back for now. They're Senior Housing Directories, a guide that comes out annually. Two times people got curious what they were and looked in the boxes, and two times I resisted making my comment.

But the third time I said "It's  boxes full of Senior Housing Directories. They have an awful lot of empty spaces to fill."

On the phones tonight, running our curbside pick up scheme a patron called to check out her two books: One called Burning and one called Reckoning. Referring to the riots sweeping through town I said "You have chosen the perfect titles for our current situation."

One of these days I'll offend someone. 

Fortunately it hasn't happened yet.

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