Monday, June 1, 2020

"Picture every hour" day

One of my imaginary readers has made another imaginary request. And I will do just about anything for my imaginary readers because they're just so, so, so...


That's it. They're just so wonderfully fictitious!

Now I'm not saying the fictitious is necessarily better than the real. Why, look at you, for instance. But I will say that sometimes the fictitious does have a uniquely delightful quality or two. Like the way they bury gold coins and mysterious pictures in an old wooden chest out by the pond in back of the library for me to find when I go photographing there during my break.

Or the way they make special requests on my blog.

Last week one of my imaginary readers wanted more pictures of woodland creatures. So I gave them four.

This week they don't want to wait all day for more pictures.

They like the pictures.

"Can we have a new picture every hour?" One imaginary reader asked.

"Yes. Tomorrow starting at 12:30 in the morning Pacific time (because, oddly, clerkmanifesto runs on Pacific time) and proceeding every hour after until the day is done." I answered.

"So, like, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, and so on until the second 11:30?" They asked.

"Yes." I answered.

"Will there be any woodland creatures?" They asked, with a trembling of excitement in their voice.

"Probably." I answered. "Though the flower pictures are likely to outnumber them."

"Hmm." They said. "I can't think of another question, but I really like being in your blog and don't want it to end."

"Me too." I said.

"Oh!" They exclaimed. "I know! Will all the pictures be really really good?"

I laughed. "No, I'm not that good a photographer and most of my pictures come out all blurry. But I'll do my best."

"I'm doing my best too!" They said nervously.

"I know you are."

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