Monday, February 1, 2021






Do you believe in magic?

I do. 

I at best barely believe in god, mostly not at all, but magic? Sure. Absolutely. With conviction.

But it needs to be said that magic is a wily sucker. It is untraceable by science. It is completely unusable for any practical purposes. As brilliant at times as rainbows and lightning, it hides at any possible moment, randomly, and in the very midst of its illumination, posing at any moment as science or imagination or chance or inevitability or nothing at all, whatever it takes.

Because magic does not belong to the physical laws of the Universe it must run from them. And because it is so wonderful and sought after, even by people who don't believe in magic, it must be dedicated to its elusiveness, to its own private reality. Otherwise it will be pulled into the observable universe, where it can only disappear.

And so magic has an axiom. Let's call it the first rule of magic:


All magic will be as little like magic as possible.  

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