Sunday, May 29, 2022

In which we discuss a joke and ruin whatever comedy it held


A co-worker of mine from Poland was unloading some donated books. She was excited to see a book in Russian. "I can read this!" She exclaimed. "This is just like the books we had as kids. We were supposed to learn the language of our friends."

Knowing some tiny smattering of geopolitics and slightly more of history I commented "With friends like that..."

My colleague understood, having no shortage of bizarre beliefs, but nevertheless maintaining a justified and age old enmity for Russia. So she commented wisely "It is even more important to know the language of your enemies."

"Yes." I replied. "That is why I know English."

Which brings us to the question: What did I mean by this?

It also suggests the question: Is this funny?

For the first the best answer is: People have their problems, that's for sure!

For the answer to the second question we have: If it was, it isn't anymore.

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