Saturday, December 10, 2022

More French postcards


The last of the several postcards I sent to my co-workers at the library I work at has, finally, after nearly four weeks, arrived.

This is what the postcard looks like:

It is addressed to the:

Special Exclusive Library Club

(Care of my library)

and it reads as follows:

Dear Special Exclusive Library Club Members:

I am so happy and proud to be part of the special exclusive library club with you (you know who you are. "Be kind to the little people"*)

I inducted one new member from the main Nice Library, so get your club library exchange applications in by the end of the year!

Looking forward to the debriefings!


Feldenstein (acting Assistant General Secretary)

* Motto of the Special Exclusive Library Club

I am sharing this real life text from my postcard with you because you are now a member of the Special Exclusive Library Club too.

Have fun. 

Go easy on the whiskey and cigars.

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