Saturday, December 17, 2022

The bridge as it should be

Yesterday I talked about my dissatisfactions with a local river bridge, a bridge that has everything going for it, and then throws it all away...

...for cars!

And I talked about how I was compelled to take pictures of the bridge and twist them around to try and make it become the bridge I wish it was. And that even with a lot of photo trickery my pictures were falling short.

My readers agreed.

I heard that those pictures were not very satisfying. 

I heard that those pictures did not satisfy the dreams I had of what that bridge should be.

And I knew that it was so.

So I figured I should take the brakes off and just go for it. And if my new pictures look pretty much nothing like the original bridge, well, if that's what it takes... 

Here are way too many pictures of what my local bridge should look like:

1 comment:

  1. Rather partial to the third one (I think--there've been a lot to look at since then) and any one with a cat, of course. Foggy wet ones are scary.


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