Saturday, April 22, 2023

By the tree


I was down at Shadow Creek and took a picture of a tree. 

Eventually it became these pictures.

I have a lot of thoughts about so-called AI. Maybe my first thought is that it shouldn't be called AI. It is not an intelligence, artificial or otherwise. It's more like a plagiarization of everything, all at once. We can call it PE.

Maybe here is an analogy about AI, or PE, to explain. 

PE is a lot like the invention of flying. A person sees a bird and thinks it must be the most wonderful thing in the world to fly like that. So they, and their friends, invent a plane. And it is amazing. And it does some astonishing things. 

But it does very little of what a bird does. 

And it is almost nothing like the flying of birds.

And that dream is still a dream, more than a hundred years later. I have flown in a tube miles in the air at astonishing speeds to other continents. But to fly like a bird?

Oh to fly like a bird.

In the meantime...

I don't mind a little plagiarism. Watch me go...

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