Saturday, April 8, 2023

Volunteer appreciation plants


At my library we have many volunteers. And one of the things we do to thank them is that in the Spring we give out Volunteer Appreciation Plants. These are usually plastic square pots with a variety of young flower plants in them. The volunteers can plant them in their garden, or just leave them in the small pot and watch them briefly flourish and rot, which is what we do here with the unclaimed ones.

This year though we are not going to give out Volunteer Appreciation Plants. This year we are instead going to try Volunteer Appreciation Plants.

I know it sounds similar.

But we will be bringing into the library several new hires, including circulation workers, librarians, and even a new manager. These people won't actually do any library work. They'll just pretend to. What they will actually do instead is go around all day complimenting and profusely thanking the volunteers.

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