Saturday, November 11, 2023

A corrected mistake


I am not sure if I have ever broken faith with my daily post in clerkmanifesto in the more than ten years of its existence. A couple of years ago, as the support for Google Blogger, the platform this is on, dwindled more and more, I took a shot at moving this project to a more independent website. This was rather complicated and drew giant yawns from the great sleeping Internet, and so I wandered back here, to clerkmanifesto, where things are simple and, honestly, still sort of work. That experiment with the "Life is a fountain" iteration of clerkmanifesto marks a brief interruption in the rich history of clerkmanifesto, but other than that, the daily minimum morning posting has been rock solid.

And then on Saturday November 11, two days ago, I just sort of got my days crossed up and published nothing. My lovely wife pointed it out to me.

Was I horrified?


But it passed pretty quickly. I merely popped into my time machine and here I am fixing everything!

It's great to be back on November 11 once again. And I brought a gift!

Here is a random movie still picture I made all the way in the future on November 13! Amazing!

If you can somehow use it to crack the stock market I wish you godspeed.

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