Friday, March 8, 2024

Back to the water


When it comes to photography, my experiments with famous people in implausible situations, cartoon characters walking through my library, and wild animals of the most extraordinary kind encountering fantastical situations along the river where I live, win me an artistic popularity of a kind I have rarely encountered in my whole life.

On the other hand, my nearly abstract pictures of burbling local streams, close ups of running water, and detailed pictures of bubbles twisted and altered wildly in post editing, seems to only really fascinate and entertain... me.

So one might think out of courtesy to my readers, and in reaction to success, I would stick to the popular stuff.


The difference between the number of people who are fans of my wildly popular photography and the number of... just me... is... surprisingly small.

So here are some pictures of water.

Tell your friend. 


  1. There is a bubble picture, somewhere near the top of this set, where I see faces of water creatures looking up at me. Probably some deficit in my perception that I must turn bubbles into faces.

    1. I think we people things just tend to see faces everywhere, but it kind of gives me an idea for trying some photo manipulations, which, if they work out, will surely show up here on cm sometime in the future.

      I think one of the challenges of abstraction, an oeuvre I don't venture into so often, can sometimes be keeping it from looking like other things.


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