Wednesday, March 27, 2024

The unicorn nightmares


Once upon a time, perhaps a quarter century ago, I did a series of 11 by 14 inch acrylic paintings I called "The Thirteen Nightmares".

Or something like that. 

The memories grow fuzzy. I long ago lost, gave away, sold, or inadvertently destroyed the paintings, but I'm pretty sure I have a book I hand made out of photographs of them. I can't find it right now though.

These surrealist paintings had monsters, flying wolves, blue and orange striped zebra unicorns, mountain meadows and streams, and volcanoes. So, the usual.

Feeling ready for now to move on from the snail pictures, I thought I would like to recreate some version of these paintings in real life photography! As it currently stands most of my time is being spent on creating tools and a trunkful of assembly pieces. There is nothing to show in that work. But, fortunately, I have done two proof of concept pictures. The first is a little more simple and idyllic. I do think it might echo the first of the nightmares, which set the stage, so to speak. The second picture here is definitely based closely on a memory of one of the paintings, and I think it includes all the basic elements of the second nightmare- a zebra unicorn in a mountain meadow in front of an erupting volcano, circled by more threatening flying wolves.

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