Thursday, March 14, 2024

This time it's worth it, I swear


If you religiously follow clerkmanifesto, which, I mean, seriously, why wouldn't you, you will have certainly come across a pocket of my photography concerned with abstractions of the clear water streams of Saint Minneapolis. They come along with great fanfare and shy optimism, and then they slowly fade out as I feel I am not quite getting to exactly what I want.

What do I want?

Something a little like Kandinsky paintings, but in photography.

Why do I want them?

I love that you're so interested and asking all these questions!

Recently I have been self-consciously showing a new wave of these pictures, promising that it's almost over and just, bear with me. But then I go for a new walk to the streams, or find some new angle in my editing software suites, and we're right back at it. 

And so here we are back again.

You will note my optimistic title. I know that it will all come to tears, and that while I am thrilled with this set of new breakthroughs I will find down the line, in a day, or a month, or maybe in two years, the real breakthrough I had been looking for all along. And the cycle will start anew.

But just because we know the future does not mean we can't live in the present! And so I herald these pictures with the optimism that these, surely these, will capture your heart!

Swearing to this is maybe a small act of hubris, but it conceals an advantage for us. I had a dozen pictures here, but after swearing to you that it was going to be worth it, I could only bring myself to leave four, these golden four, here in this post for you to see.

And so here they are. It's worth it.

I swear.


  1. Your creativity leaves me speechless--which is a rather rare result. I'm really glad that I get to see your work. Or play...perhaps for you it is a form of play?

    1. This is so incredibly nice of you to say. Thank you.

      Yes, maybe play more than work, though sometimes it seems to all exist in its own dimension.


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