Friday, March 29, 2024

Worst to best


Yesterday we spoke here again about my worst co-worker, but today the best of co-workers comes into it.

It seems difficult to quantify the best of all my co-workers over three decades of working with hundreds of people, and Jim has long ago gone on to work at other library branches, so he is far more purely my friend, at this point, than he is my co-worker. Nevertheless he was a real pleasure to have as a co-worker in those long ago days where library work was far more cruel and demanding, before the automated machines, and the internet on our computers, and the final cresting of the wave of library popularity that once flooded my library, fell back, and left us on solid land again.

But I am not really here today to talk about good co-workers, or old hard times.

I'm here to show pictures of Jim!

Just a few days away from showing 56 portraits of various library workers with their spirit animals in a public display at my library, I finished my last pictures for the project. I'd mostly finished working on this project months ago, having run out of patience trying to wrangle the last, stray, unenthusiastic staff members to take part. But I'd always wanted to include Jim, and so took some pictures when out to eat with him a few weeks ago.

Today I finally sat down and finished his suite of pictures with his animal- a condor.

I have four pictures then to show you. I'm guessing the second or third will be the one in the show.

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