Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Am Back

I am back!

Where was I?

I, I don't know, really, it's all so hazy. There was a baby elephant, really good samosas. I kept having to tie my shoes, my wife and I dancing, clouds. A man named Voors or Roy, a prophet, Kabir poems everywhere...

No, I'm just kidding. I went to a pretty house on Lake Superior. Sorry to get you all excited for nothing, but it is a very pretty lake, so it's not like it was for nothing. Maybe it was for a lot.  Maybe I will say a lot more interesting things than usual about it all. I don't know yet. But it's not a secret or anything. Just, right now I want to thank Grape for stepping up and guest blogging so beautifully. Let's give him a big hand. If you feel silly applauding while sitting at a computer at work, or alone in an office, or looking at your phone in a garden, then maybe you can applaud very softly. He can't probably hear you actually, so it's all a little tricky. I'm now thinking this applauding would work best for those of you who are sitting at a whole bank of computers, together, in a room with Grape and many other people who are reading this blog post simultaneously. I think the odds on this are rather low, but if you are in this configuration, when I say "now" then applaud all at once. Unless you didn't like what he wrote, but, really, what's not to like?

If you're not in this configuration you might like to use my 'now' to experience a moment of pure presence in the universe. It's up to you either way.




1 comment:

  1. Grape was cool! Did he empty the litter box though?
    ...And what about Karma?, he didn't mention her once.


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