Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Death of a library angel

A librarian was printing out a list of rental dvds that needed to be weeded. The printer is back by our phones area and when she came over to pick up her list she cried out. 

Well, she exclaimed, sort of.

Or maybe she said "Huh."

There was an angel on her printout!

She showed it to us, me and another of my co-workers. There was a strange, large piece of inked fuzz, plastered into the paper and almost three dimensionally vivid. It looked exactly, clearly, unmistakably like a gauzy, beautiful, winged angel, albeit one without a head.

We gasped.

"If you took a picture and posted it on Reddit or catholics.com it could go viral!" I exclaimed.

The librarian laughed and wiped the angel away with a damp towel.


  1. Aw, I would have loved to see a picture of that.

    1. I understand. It was so beautiful, in a scuzzy sort of way.

  2. Ahh, those librarians...no sense of adventure...

    1. Always so delighted to have librarians run down a bit here!


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