Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Talks to the animals

Today I communicated with the power of my mind, although conceivably it could have been through the power of a turkey's mind. I remain uncertain as to the power of either of them.

I was biking along the river when I witnessed a large turkey of my acquaintance amble out onto the river road by the University. I hoped the car bearing down on him would see him in time and stop. The car did, with no injury to anyone, and the turkey was completely nonplussed by the whole thing. He never altered his sauntering journey, and the car waited patiently.

I met the turkey's eye. "Why did the turkey cross the road?" I thought, unbidden, searching for a joke.

The turkey met my eye. "Seriously?" He thought. "Seriously?"


  1. Great wisdom in the glint of the eye of Power Turkey, there is.

    1. Pay attention to sports if there was a shower room channel, i would.


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