Wednesday, August 8, 2018


For my PHD dissertation I decided to comprehensively catalog the male lead character types of the Romance Novel Genre. This study was inspired by my long years of working with the Romance section of my library. Meeting, as I do, in these novels, Firemen, Cowboys, Ranchers, Highlanders, Billionaires, Playboys, Cops, Vampires, Doctors, and Wolfmen, I've often wondered what makes them tick underneath. What characteristics do they share, and in what ways do they differ?

And so through intensive and comprehensive research I have, I think, finally sorted down to a list of all the fundamental character types of the Romance Genre Leading Man.

They are:

1. Powerful and accomplished, yet remote and wounded.

2. Roguish, yet with a heart of gold.



Okay then.

I guess that wraps it up.

PhD's are easier than I thought.

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