Monday, August 17, 2020

William Morris redux

Among the wide range of photographic materials I have bought, scrounged, and gathered is a book of postcards of William Morris wallpaper patterns from the 1800's. I was immediately smitten with these postcards and took a bunch of pictures, in our apartment, of various bits of flowers sitting on them. Then I put those pictures up here on clerkmanifesto and imagined someone might say:


But no one said neat.

Most of the time, indeed quite close to all the time, no one says "Neat" around here, and I simply roll with it. But this time I looked at the post with the William Morris postcard pictures in them to see for myself if I personally thought "neat".

I might have thought "neat" if I stuck to the one or two best pictures, but mostly I did think they could be better, more striking pictures. I decided my postcards needed to go out in the world and meet some real flowers, growing out of the ground, glowing in the morning sun. 

But I didn't want to hurt my postcards!

So I came up with a solution.

My solution was to risk it! 

The fact of the matter is that I have grown so rich I could, in an emergency, afford to buy another book of William Morris postcards.

That's a relief then.

Therefore I took the following pictures, outside, of the various neighbors' flowers in front of my William Morris postcards. 

Then the sky rumbled and it looked about to rain, so I ran home, clutching my precious William Morris postcards.

If these pictures aren't neat I suppose I can just try something else later.


  1. These are beyond "Neat" into "Awesome." You have an amazingly talented eye. And, I venture to say, one heck of a camera. But mostly it's you.


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