Wednesday, August 12, 2020

William Morris

As much as I have enjoyed developing translucent flower photos, like this one below:

I have also recently acquired a series of postcards of textile and wallpaper patterns by the wonderful English designer William Morris. I'm not sure what my original idea was to do with them, maybe it was to punch holes in the designs and take pictures of flowers framed by them. But instead I have been laying flowers on top of their elegant imagery and taking pictures like that.

I have learned here that when I have something new to show in photography it's really impressive to pick out the single best picture and present just that. But then I think:

Am I trying to be impressive?

I'm still not sure.

And while I'm not sure I thought it might be more fun to just show you the range of what I'm working on. 

So here are my first William Morris pictures, whichever ones have mostly worked out so far:

You'll see some version of this flower (these flowers?) a few times here:

I'm backlighting some of these with my light panel to make them a little more glowy:

This below is that first flower before I cut it apart. I'm a monster!

I then proceed to graft flowers together!

Didn't do nothing to this leaf though. I probably even found it on the ground:

Again, the muse:

Just a leaf in the right place:

And finally a bit of an arrangement:

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