Saturday, December 30, 2023

Cat shrines of the Mississippi


Thousands of angry dog owners have written in to clerkmanifesto to complain about yesterday's post in which I subtly suggested that our attraction to dogs, while not necessarily individually reprehensible (I too have loved a good dog!), speaks to the human qualities of obedience, domination, hierarchy, and social control that has invariably doomed our species' experiment in the universe to tragedy.

I'm sorry I have offended so many of you. I will make you a deal:

If your dog doesn't bark, growl, or invade my personal space uninvited, I will...

Show you more cat shrines!

Everyone loves cats, don't they?

Well, one would certainly think so judging from all the shrines dedicated to them down along the bluffs and backwaters of the Mississippi River here in Saint Minneapolis!

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