Sunday, December 24, 2023

Missing the last one


The Library Workers' Spirit Animals is part of my every quarter century work portrait project series. The last portrait series I did was actually about 23 years ago, but I like that "quarter century" line. Believe it or not there are several people who are taking part in both projects. I guess 23 years isn't all that long. Tammy was in the first one and actually was the very first portrait I did in this one: Tammy's Tiger. I did that first one quickly and used it as part of my early sales pitch to take pictures of other people. 

Then, later, I did some extra work on it to neaten it up to raise its standard:

In the process of this project I have added some extra styles, and I guess skills, so I have been going back to most of my earlier portraits to do some supplemental portraits. Here are a couple of new "Tammy's Tigers":

Though for all the work, I still like that first one best probably.

I have had people from the last series decline to take part in this one. And there was one person who declined to take part in the last one whose I am working on now.

Some people just barely missed appearing in the last portrait project. Cathy's was probably the closest miss in that series as she arrived after all the rather formal photography reference parts were done. She's here in this one with her turkey though. This is an early favorite of these portraits, but I'm not sure how happy Cathy is with it. I might try something else and a different animal for her, but I quite like this one myself, and can't imagine it not featuring in whatever future display. 

This is Cathy's Turkey:

Jennifer was also a near miss on the last project timewise, and also the only one to ever express any regret on that. She's also the only co-worker ever to ask when the next one was.

I didn't know there was a next one. So I guess some credit goes to her for planting the seed of this.

Alas that her portrait attempts have been okay, but not great, and I don't think she is entirely satisfied either. She's offered a few different animals.

We started with a Barred Owl:

Then this week we did a quick reshoot with the possibility of the new animals: Warblers. 

Hopefully I may have cracked it with this one. We'll see.

Here then to conclude today's pictures, Jennifer's Warblers:

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