Thursday, December 28, 2023

Fancy spirit animals of the library workers


I have been calling them "experiments", but maybe they should be called...


No. Maybe not.

I still have no library workers to take new pictures of to make more of my spirit animal portraits. I'd really like some new source material, but there aren't that many people left who I haven't already photographed or who haven't already refused the honor! Also, sometimes I'll see a volunteer I've barely ever talked to, one who keeps to themselves, and suddenly I am overcome with weariness at the thought of going through the whole song and dance routine to get their pictures and their animal of choice. Also, after all of that I asked a rarely seen substitute librarian who said "no thank you" as nicely as possible, and I hated it.

So who knows. I may just continue doing more of these fancy iterations and worry about my overall progress in the new year when I've worked up another surge of energy.

Or maybe I'll just read a book.

Anyway, here is an assorted group of new, um,



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