Sunday, February 4, 2024

A meditation on my work


Let us not define our time here as negative space. Life is not the time between tacos. Life is not the time between blog posts! No, life is the time spent eating tacos, or, um, blog posts!

I am at work now.  

Am I simply awaiting the blissful time where I get to be home once again? Am I merely awaiting the sweet twinkling disappearance of the sun over Saint Minneapolis? Am I only awaiting watching a charming movie side by side with the one I love? Am I awaiting the comforts and freedom of home? The sweet spoken words of it. A glass of wine? A good book? The clarity of a day done right?


As glorious and perfect as this will all be, heaven cannot be promised, only delivered.

We must take what we have now and revel in every tiny joy in every present moment that we can!

At least, that's what I tell the library patrons when they ask me when their hold will be available.

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