Thursday, February 1, 2024

Taco diet


It's not a diet!

So, even though I called it a diet, let's not call it a diet. 

It's just...

I eat tacos for every meal now. 






No, that doesn't spell,

 an acronym.

Think of it,

More as a poem.

Or a prayer.


A recipe!





But "Hey!" You cry out now that the poem part is finally over. "What if I would like to eat a taco too, but it is way to complicated to make one?"

I will tell you how to make the tacos I make twice a day for every meal every day, and get this:

It is not complicated at all!!!!!!


It is pretty easy.

"Oh thank god!" You cry out. "I went looking for a taco blog eleven years ago, and I found clerkmanifesto, where you talked about libraries, books, art, music, death, time travel, street design, customer service work, anarchism, cats, and baked potatoes, but you never talked about tacos."

"I had almost given up hope." You add in a small voice.

Well. I say:


Have come to the right place.

And finally...

It is the right time.


You heat the pan and put in a little olive oil or butter where the butter is slightly tastier and the olive oil is slightly more healthy.

Put in a pinch of salt and some ground pepper if you do that.

Now add something, anything meat-like:

Potatoes diced very tiny, or wheat gluten chorizo, or ground cow, or chopped up shrimp, or tiny diced eggplant. 

I have used all of these and hope to expand my horizons even further in the future. If there is a future.

Let's plan on a future, okay?


You can now add a little chopped up tomato and a single, brave, sliced garlic clove. The tomato is pretty optional. The garlic is too, but a lot less so.

After a minute or two throw in a handful of greens. I mostly use spinach, but have also used arugula. I would try chard, but I don't have any.

A squirt of lemon or lime juice is good here, and a spoonful of salsa. Gently mix it all up, meat, greens, seasonings.

When the greens are mostly wilted, push the mix aside in pile in the pan to make room for a corn tortilla. Put the tortilla in and spin it around to pick up any oil or juices you can find. Hopefully there are some, but not too many. Lay sharp cheddar cheese (or similar yummy cheese), grated, or in small pieces of slices, evenly over the tortilla, and put another tortilla on top.

Two tortillas!

Cook a few minutes until the bottom tortilla is cooked through but still soft and pliable. Flip it with a spatula. Spin it around to pick up the current juices. Press down on it with the spatula to flatten and spread the melting cheese inside.

Scoop up your meat and greens mix and put it all on top of your tortilla sandwich wherein you have made two tortillas into one thicker, cheesier tortilla. 

When the bottom tortilla is cooked and the cheese has melted, fold it into a, wait for it....



Yes, a taco.

You do not need to add anything, anything, to this taco! But maybe let it cool for a couple minutes.

And that,

dear reader, 




And, for me, it is now every meal, because...






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