Monday, February 12, 2024

Reexamined, redesigned, and reassembled


Coming up with 50 plus pictures for what will probably be phase one of my Library Fictions photography display, I cut all my candidate pictures down to zero. Then I slowly added in pictures I liked to my "finished" folder. Some of them are touched up, some redesigned, and some new ones are wholly invented. 

Now that I have well over 60 pictures finished my feeling that I want to edit back down to fewer photos once again comes into it. But I also want to have more of the finished pictures to edit from, so it's a bit of a push/pull between making more, fixing what I have, and getting rid of things that fall below the waterline of my new standards. I already have a desire to fiddle with several of these below, and what you will ultimately see here will likely be determined by how much time before posting that I have with which to fiddle. 

But slowly I do feel it all coming together.

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