Saturday, September 28, 2019

Angry good deeds of hatred

Lately, more and more often, when I am on the automated check in machine in the early evening I empty all the bins that go to other branches. This is something required of the last person on the machine for the evening, and it is generally considered to be an annoying task. This is not something the second to last person tends to do, a truth I well know from regularly being the last person on the machine for many, many years.

Do I do this out of the kindness of my heart?

Eh, maybe. But mostly I think of it as a quiet way to call all the people who never did it for me assholes.


  1. After reading your post, something in me decided now would be the time to come clean to the universe: When I was around 7 or 8, around then, I would listen for my mom coming home with the groceries. Always I had to be first to them. Why? Well, back then there were prizes in the cereal boxes, and I had two brothers. If I happened to be home when my mom arrived, I would stealthily wait until the food was stored, enter the kitchen and open the cereal boxes, pull of the cereal plastic bag, open it from the bottom, get the prize, and put the bag back. Funny...I can't recall whether I bothered to then put the back in upside down so that it wouldn't all spill into the box. Anyway, is there some kind of expiation available thru Clerk Manifesto?

    1. Sure, we can expiate you here, though you might want to mention this to your siblings for whom it might clear some things up.


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