Saturday, September 7, 2019


Over the long Labor Day Weekend, for me a luxurious five days, my wife and I shopped and shopped and shopped. I cashed in my entire annual clothes budget in one wild mall-filled weekend and now have a new wardrobe. And it is not simply new in manufacture, but it is new in style, color, formality, and aesthetic.

In short I am resplendent.

At my first day back at work I am in gray slacks with a button down shirt of rich, wide, vertical stripes of gold, under a black dress vest. I am wearing my best French watch, bought in Paris, and the most elegant of my dollar store glasses.

This outfit has elicited much comment here at the library. There was the rather obvious "How did the job interview go?" (My reply: "I got it! I'm going to be a Library Clerk!"). I overheard that I look like I'm about to teach a class. And, in the one I found the most flattering, I was told I looked like Doc Holliday. The Western gunfighter archetype works just fine for me.

I haven't been to the front desk yet, but I do look forward to saying "I'm sorry, but I'm too beautiful to help you. Perhaps you'd like to ask one of my more disheveled co-workers." I have, fortunately, had the opportunity to approach a group or two of my gathered co-workers in the afternoon and exclaim "Oh, I didn't know that it was casual day today!"

No, no, of course. I should make sure it doesn't all go to my head. Don't worry, I'm sure I'll be just fine.

Now if you'll excuse me, I hear a mirror singing my name.

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