Thursday, September 19, 2019

Republicans I can only just begin to endure

On a glorious, late Summer day, making my way through the University campus, a man tried to sell me on Amy Klobuchar for President.

"I'm sorry." I said politely. "I don't support Republicans."

And suddenly it all fell into place for me.

"Democrats" has never worked for me. My whole life it has been held up as an ideal, as a promised land that bears no resemblance to anything that actually operates under it. The Democratic Party, as it has functioned for all of my life, actually best expresses...


Whether it be a moderate Republican like Sanders or Warren, concerned with balancing business interests with overall community welfare, a more fiscally conservative "business first" Republican like Amy Klobuchar, or an old school, keep-everything-the-same-no-matter-what, dyed-in-the-wool Republican like Joe Biden, everything I have known of the Democratic Party fits with perfect neatness in the ideals and image of the Republican Party. 

And so henceforth I will only call "Democrats" Republicans, as it should be and as it is.

What then shall I call what has been known as "Republicans"?

Oh please, it is such a lovely late Summer's day. Let us not speak such terrible names.


  1. Names have power. Sometimes we have to speak them, all of us together, to have the power to banish that which is named.

    1. Okay then, I agree and I'm tired of Summer anyway.....


      Our two Political parties:

      Formerly known as Democrats: Republicans
      Formerly known as Republicans: Fascists


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