Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Florence generic restaurant review

By the time you read this my wife and I will be in Florence.  I am reading a lot of reviews in preparation for this trip. I find these compelling, occasionally useful, contradictory, truly pointless, and addictive. Along with the travel vlogs I watch I feel I have a sense for the collective tone and quality of these reviews as a kind of ur-review, the ultimate review that sums up each category of establishment. Today we will continue with the generic restaurant review.

Generic Florence Restaurant Review

5 Stars

This was easily one of my three favorite Florence restaurants. In fact, this was my third favorite and I would eat here every night if I could!

It is a real authentic neighborhood kind of place, located in the Oltrarno, which means across the river. This is where the real Florentines live to hide out from us tourists. I don't blame them! I like to spend as much time as possible over here, and the restaurants are way better in this part of town, and more reasonably priced too. The night I was here it was just us and locals. Although I guess some of them could have been from other places too. We were ignored for 45 minutes and were starting to get mad, but then for some mysterious reason they got really nice to us, so all was forgiven. Vasily, our waiter, was really proud of their food which came from their family farm in Piedmont. It was delicious. You must try their bistecca, which is a huge chunk of beef that's still raw practically in the middle. I like my beef, and though I wasn't in the mood that night we are definitely planning on going back for it!

We had the house red wine and it was delicious. Vasily said it was the right choice and that their house red is every bit as good as some of the nice wines on their wine list. I know a good deal when I hear one so I drank a lot of that wine! I had pasta and it was maybe the freshest pasta I have ever had. It was so tender, and the sauce was perfect. Vasily said it was made with sheep's milk cheese! I asked him why the pasta was so good. He said they grow their own wheat, but I think he was kidding me. I'm not sure. I was pretty drunk by then.

I don't remember whether we had dessert or not, but I do know that it was delicious!

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