Wednesday, October 9, 2019


So there I was with an idle half hour on a computer and I turned to YouTube: "Florence, Italy in 4K Ultra HD". Oooooooooohhh, pretty!

As you may have heard my wife and I will soon be going to Florence. So I spend a fair amount of Internet time investigating the few small available details on the Internet concerning this obscure travel destination. But in this case we're talking about a video that was pure indulgence and fluff; gorgeous footage of Florence, often from unique angles, shot extremely well with good equipment, and utilizing professional-level viewpoints and techniques. It was set to pleasant, unobtrusive classical music. There was nothing not to like about it, or so clearly was the opinion of 3,900 people making the herculean effort of giving it a thumbs up.

I gave it a thumbs up too!

And then I looked over. There were 70 thumbs down.

Who are these people?

Look, I understand having an opinion. I have one! I have a billion opinions, and they're all very passionate! And I also understand not everyone is interested in what I'm interested in. Maybe people don't like Florence. But if someone didn't like Florence what would possess them to seek out lush 4K Ultra HD videos of it on the Internet so that they could downvote it? And yet this was hardly unique. Every great video I have ever seen on Youtube, with their tens of thousands of reviews and relentless plaudits, whether extraordinary music or helpful theater, has its attendant tiny sprinkling of mysterious downvoters.

What a hobby! To think there are people out there right now thinking "Hmm, what else don't I like on the Internet that I can look up and downvote?" What if they run out of things they don't like and have to look at things they like? They might be like a mirror image of myself, opining "There's so little crap on the Internet, but maybe if I keep looking there will be a new horribly competent video of hated Florence. Ah, yes! Thank God! Downvote!"

Maybe one day one of these mysterious and negative hobbyists will find their way here, to clerkmanifesto.

"Welcome" I will say. "I am so happy to see you. Unfortunately there is no voting here of any kind because this tiny part of the Internet is a Monarchy. Nevertheless, I have registered your disapproval."

I'm here to help.

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