Friday, March 13, 2020

Choosing the right club to belong to

The Orienteering Club is meeting at the library tonight. Two of the club members came up to me at the front desk. "Where is The Orienteering Club meeting?" They asked.

The Orienteering Club is meeting in The Board Room, which is located behind me and over my head and requires a few simple directions, most of them having to do with turning left all the time. "You go left, left, left and left." I said. They thanked me and headed off to the stairs. At the top of them they wandered uncertainly to the right. I can see them right now, wandering confusedly in circles on the wrong side of the library.

I'm tempted to just dash up the stairs and give them some help, but what if finding the room itself is a prerequisite?


  1. The poor things! Since they are orienteers, you need to tell them "turn east, then south then west, then north. And hope they've brought their compasses.

    1. This is such a good point! I was speaking the wrong language!


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