Friday, March 20, 2020

Pandemic winners

If there are enough losers around surely there has to be a few winners somewhere. In this Covid-19 Pandemic there are, and are going to be, an awful lot of losers. Don't look, but we might be ones now.

So who wins?

Pet dogs. Pet dogs are the winners here.

I went out for my morning walk. I kept my distance. I went down to the river. I took all my explorations. Maybe there will be other posts to tell you about the peace and the anger and the birds and the garbage and the art. But here, for now, I will just tell you that everyone was out walking their dog.

So many people are home, and I suspect the great majority of their dogs are very happy about it. And after an hour or two of being home most of those people say "Well, I guess I'll go walk the dog again." And so I see them in the neighborhoods. I see them on the sidewalks. I see them on the river.

Being neither a huge fan of strange dogs or coronavirus I give them all a wide birth; six feet for the dog and six feet for the virus.

Twelve feet is pretty far. 

But even from there I can still see that all the dogs look really happy.

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