Saturday, May 30, 2020

Four birds

"Flowers, flowers, flowers, flowers!" One of my imaginary readers cries out. "I am fine with all the flower pictures, I guess." Allows this imaginary reader. "But what about the woodland creatures. I want to see more woodland creatures!"

Well, I am...


Absolutely. Coming right up.

I try to be very responsive to my imaginary readers.

I try to be responsive to my non imaginary readers as well, but I find you to be less demanding, never yelling "Woodland creatures!" into the middle of a blog post, for instance.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

You can be however you like. All of you, real or imagined.

Either way today I am going to show you woodland creatures.

Specifically birds.

Four birds.

Here is the first one.

You may be thinking "Yesterday we got a very scholarly, detailed lesson on the parts of a dandelion flower. What kind of bird is this?"

I dunno.

Here's another bird.

I know this one! It's a duck!

He's really colorful!

I apologize if I'm getting too technical.

See if you can guess what this one is.

Yes, it's a pigeon. They are more common in Venice than here, but we get a couple every once in awhile. This one seems very nice. A very nice pigeon.

And lastly we have our local go to bird for photography.

The common and ever present robin.

That doesn't mean they shouldn't be appreciated!

This robin was very friendly and I appreciated him quite a bit.

And I appreciate you too. Thank you for your request. 

Don't be afraid to keep 'em coming.


  1. You know, I have to say I'm very jealous of the robin. I mean, after a day of living life, I usually have a lot of debris on my beak as well, but inevitably people say, "Hey, Grape, you have some gunk or something, um...right there," with the implied intention that I should wipe it off! I think I'm going to print your photo and answer thus: "Why should I? Does the great robin clean its beak?"

    1. I don't know. You don't have to be jealous. I mean, I've been observing a lot of robins lately, very close up. And you know what they seem to do mostly? Eat worms! They, like, eat worms ALL THE TIME. Do you know what worms taste like? They taste like dirt! And so does the great robin clean its beak? You and I might cause we don't want to eat dirt, but the robin, for the robin its just... what's the difference?

      No need to thank me for making you feel better.

  2. A long time ago my father was in a hospital in New Hampshire and I was in Minnesota. We talked on the phone daily. He had, along with other conditions, a throat problem called thrush. One day we were talking about robins being thrushes, and he asked me if I knew the Latin name for robin. I had to look it up: turdus migratorius. That was the last time we talked, which is probably why I remember it.


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