Monday, May 25, 2020

Remembering pandemic rules

While the world, and my country in particular, seems pretty keen to forget that people are dropping dead like flies in an ongoing pandemic, I am aware that my blog is still operating under pandemic rules. I am, it turns out though, as vulnerable to the sins and virtues of normalization as the next person, assuming the next person is carefully chosen to be right about my level when it comes to normalization. But what I'm really saying is that despite these so called pandemic rules of mine suggesting a looser approach to my blog, where I might plop any inconsequential extra post at any time of the day, I find I have, with the exception of a lot of added photography in the standard posts, drifted back to my extremely regular methods and one post a day at 8:30 a.m. Central Time.

But then I remembered: What about pictures? What about pictures just because I took them? What about pictures thrown up here at 10:58 just because?



  1. Actually, no, I don't think I have seen Star Trek. Is it like Star Wars? I think I saw the first Star Wars. It was loud. The owner of a company I worked at used to say "Make It So." I think that was from one of the "Star" movies.

    But this mind meld thing sounds cool. Many times I have wished that I knew what I was thinking.

    1. How curious then. I'll take a rough stab at it for you:

      No, Star Trek isn't really like Star Wars at all. Star Wars is like, um, fantasy in space, with lots of shooting and magic and politics and destiny. Star Trek is more an optimistic Science Fictional Universe where things try to make sense within our own conception of reality and history, and humans of our future have largely solved their problems and, now in general harmony, explore the complicated diverse, and sometimes dangerous universe. While I personally very much enjoyed the original Star Wars Trilogy I'm not a fan of that Universe and most of the other later stories. Star Trek is a much more thoughtful, cohesive, and interesting Universe and so is more compelling and easy to apply different shows and stories to. It's more human, maybe? Humanist?

  2. I guess the key is in "Trek" and "Wars." Almost makes me wish I had a way to play DVDs' Or a way to get DVDs. Or the willingness to pay money watch on line. Guess I'll just go read a book. Are there Star Trek books that are worth readaing?

    1. Not that I know of. People writing in other people's Universes isn't a great recipe for great literature alas. But have you read Ursula K. LeGuin? She would express the best of a Star Trek ideal maybe (far exceeding the show). A Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers is fairly wonderful as a bit of mainly peaceful Sci Fi. And curiously The Martian (also an excellent movie) is a much more (very) near to our reality Sci Fi, but feels very much like it could be along the way to a glorious Star Trek future.


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