Sunday, November 13, 2022

We finally discuss the World Cup


Many people know clerkmanifesto as the number one home for coverage of The World Cup. Unfortunately, or by clever design, The World Cup comes only once every four years. This is why when nothing much regarding The World Cup is happening we fill in here at clerkmanifesto with something that is called on the Internet:


But let me ask you this, who does this content make content? 

The vast majority of my over 200,000 readers choose to not read my "in between world cups" content, choosing instead to wait for my white hot juicy coverage of the every four years Fifa World Cup when it is ON. Sadly though, these readers forget clerkmanifesto exists during the long wait between the event, and then fail to tune in when what they have been dreaming of happening, what they have been longing to happen on clerkmanifesto, is finally actually happening!

Which is how we come up with the statistic that so deeply concerns my advertisers: Over 99.998 percent of my readers don't ever read my blog. Though as I understand it it can be challenging to determine what constitutes one of my readers. I like to think the whole world is my readership, which makes that percentage of readers who never read my blog because they forgot go vastly higher.

Well, fair enough. I wouldn't write this blog if I forgot that I wrote it, or if I forgot that I knew how to write, or if I forgot that I had something really important to write about today!

And what, you ask, do I have to write about today?

That is one super nice question. Thank you for your interest. It means the world to me.

Unfortunately, I forgot.

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