Sunday, October 15, 2023

Fox and skunk at the library


Fox and skunk come into it, of course, but there are other animals as well. And the last picture even has a Halloween theme. This may be a harbinger of imagery to come! Or it might not. One of the striking things about the generative AI's that I use is that they are randomly functional, not fundamentally functional. The amazing thing is that this is essentially true of ALL technologies. Their wonder and power lies in being able to do specific things extremely well, and their rise depends on our conforming ourselves and our set of needs to what they are capable of. So telling my AI to put a ghost or spider into a picture may turn out to be an exercise in frustration, but zombies or rats might come out a charm!

Basically I am saying that the pictures below are the result of my struggle with a powerful, obtuse, and mercurial force.

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