Tuesday, October 10, 2023

Fox and Skunk in Saint Minneapolis


Today we will answer the question:

How can the wildest of folkloric animals, like Fox and Skunk, live in a teeming metropolis like Saint Minneapolis?

And to answer that question I'd like to invoke some random piece of analysis I came across on the internet. I saw a ranking of large U.S. cities according to the percent of urban area that is parklands. And I was a bit taken aback to find that Saint Minneapolis did extremely well on this list. I can't now find that particular piece, but searching for it now I found another random chart that put us second in this category behind Washington D.C.!

I don't think of Saint Minneapolis having tons of parklands, because, in a way, it doesn't. It is a little run of the mill as far as that goes. It's certainly not terrible. It has some nice lakes, and the usual clever bits here and there that most bigger cites have. Until one remembers the River. 

The River saves this city! It is a fucking National Park running and winding nearly wild through the heart of the city. It is impossible to forget and easy to forget. Undeveloped almost entirely down below the surface level of the metropolis, it is quietly underused, for all that there are so many people around it.

It is hidden.

And so outside our crowded tenement doors, bears quietly commute. Eagles live. Coyote's prowl. And in the deeper parts, the ones abandoned every night, in private paradise, Fox and Skunk simply live their lives.

It looks a little like this:

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