Sunday, July 28, 2013

What I learned from short post week

Yesterday the frankly wild week known as "Short Post Week" ended after I think about 25 posts. I had mixed feelings about it all, but now that it's over I can look back and reflect upon what I learned. Thus:

What I learned from short post week and from writing 25 blog posts in one week:

1. Even my short posts tend to run on a bit.
2. Three short posts are usually way more work than one longer post, for everyone involved.
3. Wheat is easily lost in chaff.
4. Editing is not necessarily a sin.
5. The blog is a high art form, challenging and beautiful, like poetry or attempting to set Guinness world records.
6. Though even my most complimenting readers never say "If only you would post more frequently" I can rest assured I stamped out that imaginary problem.
7. Can I say that thing about editing again?
8. If it's short post week you can stop the second you can't think of what to say and it's totally hilarious.
9. Though my posts are presented in a narrative, sequential pattern, that is not so much how my readers encounter them, thus short post week makes my blog look winningly cubist!
10.. I will probably never have another short post week again but will occasionally have short posts out of a feeling of nostalgia and just to sort of show off that I know how to do it now.

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