Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Professional comedian

A group of us library circulation workers were having a bit of a chat in the workroom of the library. Up for discussion was a kids' book covered in pee and a long list of strange diseases that one of us had contracted over the years from working in the children's room. There were nail fungi, nose infections, and something... weird. The person thus affected then proclaimed something I've often considered over the years:

"After working in this environment, with this level of exposure, I've probably built up fantastic immunity."

I was eating a rather tasty strip of maple smoked salmon when I quipped "Yes, this is why the peasants of 11th century Romania lived such long and healthy lives."

As I said this a little bit of the salmon went flying out of my mouth and landed on a chair in front of me.

I was hoping it would make my comment funnier, but it didn't.

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