Friday, April 13, 2018

What begins innocently ends in swearing

It is a morning in Minnesota in mid April. The temperature is 24 degrees. I have to walk four miles through the city. There is snow everywhere.

The trees are white. The streets are white and unplowed. The lawns are all white. And the sidewalks, the miles of them, are white, all white, and also a little slippery. It's about an inch of snow, evenly distributed, and uniformly unshoveled.

Yesterday afternoon and evening it fell and slowly piled up. In January it would have been a nuisance snow hardly worth the breath of complaint. Every walk would have been shoveled clean to gray cement practically before it was fully light out.

But this is not January. It's April. And today an entire city woke up, looked out the windows, and as one they said: "Fuck it. Just... fuck it."


  1. Exactly what I expect to say tomorrow morning, Saturday, April 14. Only I won't be out walking in it. You are to be commended.

    1. Well, this one I'm not walking in either. I'm pretty sure the snow is now higher than my head!

  2. Four thumbs all the way up !!!! FUCK IT !!!!

    1. I respond to this on a Sunday evening and it is STILL SNOWING!

      I think the end of the world has come. Goodbye everyone.


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