Monday, April 16, 2018

The thing we get wrong about shelving

It is the hour before my dinner break, and I am shelving in fiction. As I am quite eager to get to dinner I promptly commence with my shelving.

First up is a cart of straight, non genre fiction, and I tear right through it; no stopping to read or browse. It's boom boom boom, shelve neatly and accurately, and soon it will be break time. Boom, boom, boom, the cart is done!

Unfortunately only 20 minutes have passed while I shelved. So I go downstairs and grab another cart, this one for the genre fiction. This cart too I shelve right through. I want to get it done because I am racing towards my dinner break. It is not long, at such a pace, before this cart too is empty.

Sadly only another 20 minutes have passed. I still have 20 minutes to go. And it is only here that the obvious dawns on me:

The speed at which I work has absolutely no effect on the speed of time.

Which is most of the reason why I am now standing here in the stacks, with an empty cart, writing this.

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