Monday, April 30, 2018

Weather warnings

As I write, my County of Hennepin is under two weather alerts. All my little bookmarked weather sites are glowing with a cautionary orange. And I really like these warnings.

The first one shows that we are under a Fire Weather Watch. Apparently the weather and ground conditions are ripe for spreading even the tiniest spark into a raging fire. We are strongly advised to all stop burning garbage in the backyard, and to keep our magnifying glasses carefully in the shade, and that even a weekend barbecue is probably a bad idea.

And usually we would need to be respectful of this warning, and usually I would be. If only it weren't for the second warning. 

We are under a River Flood Warning too!

So go ahead and have a lovely patio bonfire to celebrate the dry and glorious Spring weather. And if it gets out of control, as there's a good chance it will, fear not. The river will be flooding through here momentarily to put it all out.


  1. Lawd, sounds like Yahweh's all cranky again. Try throwing another first-born into the volcano.

    1. Spoken like a youngest!

      I'm not sure where my nearest volcano is. Somewhere in Yellowstone? Can I just leave a steak or something on top of The Devils Tower? That's not that far.


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