Saturday, March 20, 2021



As I write, the brilliant Lionel Messi is about to play his significant 767th game for his football club, Barcelona. This will tie him with a great midfielder named Xavi for the most games ever played on this historic team.

Coincidentally I am today working my 7,670th day at my less historic library, which is exactly ten times as many days of work! Also my work days tend to be longer than Messi's games. Although on the plus side they less often leave me covered in bruises.

My 7,670 days are, however, not anywhere close to a record for most days worked by someone at this library.

I have no idea who does hold that record.

Absolutely no one is keeping track.


  1. I did a quick Google search to try to help, but nothing! Lots of stuff like longest overdue book or longest book domino thing (Seattle!) but nothing on longest tenure. Hmmm. Hey, that's not a tree or a bird or ice...that's a person! W/o suggesting true identity, may we know...colleague? patron? Such lovely coloring!

    1. Thanks for trying.

      Once upon a time I did a show of paintings of Jewish people who were 85 or older (If any of them are still alive they would have to be over 100 now!). Anyway, I thought what if I ran a painting through a painting filter! I liked how this one turned out, and so there it is.


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